Carbon nano tubes: A review of application in the treatment of cervical cancer

Document Type : Review Article


Applied Chemistry, Young Researchers and Elite Club, Arak Branch, Islamic Azad University, Arak, Iran



Nanotechnology offers new options for the design and synthesis of nano materials and has now become a very promising tool in cancer detection, diagnosis and treatment. Among the wide range of nano materials, the scientific community is interested in carbon nano materials (fullerenes, nano tubes and graphene) because of their thermodynamic properties, chemical performance, adaptability to biological systems, ease of disposal and low toxicity. Single-walled conjugated carbon nano tubes (SWNTs) are promising in the treatment of cancer and is bio compatible, easily excreted, and possesses little toxicity and have attracted much attention. Recent scientific evidence indicates the potential applications of carbon nano materials as therapeutic drugs, selective systems, and controlled drug release. The present study aimed to evaluate recent advances in carbon nano tubes, especially SWNT, to improve the treatment of cervical cancer. The nanotube drug delivery system is a treatment with potential efficacy with minimal side effects for future low-dose drug therapy.